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Beautiful Eyelashes for More than a Month

How to Get Beautiful Eyelashes

The rule number one of beauty treatments – choose the right salon or Spa! Eyelash tinting needs experience therefore it is important to go to a trained professional. Before you start with this treatment they will give you a patch test to make sure, that you are not allergic to the tint.

We are never using hair color, it is a special color for this sensitive part of your face. You can imagine it like a glaze,especially for your lashes. But also to protect the skin we apply a cream, such as Vaseline and put a thin cotton pad over it. This prevents the other parts from getting stained. The most popular color is black but you can also tint your lashes with brown or a dark blue, whatever you prefer. It is very important to stop using self-tanner one week before your eyelash tinting, because somethings the tanner can react with the eyelash tinting.

A complete eyelash tinting takes around 15 to 20 minutes. After your treatment you will have full, defined and beautiful lashes. You don’t have to apply and remove something, like with a mascara. Eyebrow tinting is always looking natural and does not clump. You just have to avoid oil based wipes, moisturizers and cleansers this will guarantee you long lasting and beautiful lashes.